Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking

We offer three weekly dog walking options which are fun, active, playful and stimulating for your dog to keep them, exercised, happy and contented:

  • 30 minute walk: Suitable for very young dogs that do not require a long walk or older dogs that tire quickly.  We will collect your dog and transport him or her to a nearby park or the country for a 30 minute walk.
  • One hour walk: A one hour walk on different routes in the countryside, woods, park, seafront or beach.  This option is the perfect way to keep your dog exercised daily.
  • Two hour walk: Two hours walking in the countryside. If you have commitments or perhaps cannot walk long distances, this is an ideal option to give your dog a treat where they can enjoy the freedom and smells of the countryside.

Our van is fully adapted for transporting your dog safely and in comfort with separate cages and a two-way electric extraction system.  No more than four dogs are walked at one time and all walks are away from main roads and traffic. Dogs are kept on the lead unless we have permission to let them off. Water is provided during and after walks and if necessary your dog will be towelled down before being safely returned home.

Before taking up any service we will pop round to meet you and your pet. This will help us obtain important information about your dog and complete the required paperwork.

We insist that all dogs are vaccinated.  A separate kennel cough vaccination is also recommended (available from your vets) as dogs who exercise together are at risk of catching it from each other.  We are unable to walk bitches in season and dogs that are aggressive to other dogs or people.

For dogs that prefer to be walked individually a one to one service is available.

Toilet Breaks

If you are out for a few hours and do not want your dog to participate in a walk, we offer a service where we will visit them, let him or her outside for a toilet break, make a fuss of them and refresh water bowls.

Pet feeding

Are you going on holiday, having a day out or are away on business and do not want to rely upon your friends or family to feed your cats and small animals?  Our pet feeding service means you can go away assured that your animals are in their home receiving their normal daily care and love.

We will pop in and feed your pets at their normal time, administer any medication, keep their cages clean and provide play and companionship. Other services included in the price, are opening and closing of curtains and blinds, turning lights on and off, collecting post, watering plants and checking house security.

Pet and house sitting

Hourly service:  If you are popping out for an evening, we can feed and keep your pet company, provide love, play and attention and make sure that your furniture and cushions stay intact while you are out.

Daily or weekly service:  If you require holiday or longer term sitting and dread the thought of your dogs or cats boarding away from home, we will live in your house and look after all your pet’s needs whilst you are away.  This is a great alternative to kennels and catteries as your pet will feel secure in familiar surroundings and their routine will not be disturbed.  Included as part of the service:

  • Dogs will receive a minimum of two walks per day
  • Loads of attention and fuss
  • Provision of food and water
  • Litter tray, aquariums and cages kept clean

Normal chores will be looked after such as watering plants, general housework and answering the phone. You can even organise pre-arranged trades people to do work while you’re away and get your groceries delivered to your house before your arrival home.

If you require this service it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment.  To ensure your pet is comfortable with our companionship we will meet your pet before the sitting commences.

Puppy care

We offer a daily half hour visit to play indoors and socialise outside with your puppy in their early months.  Our aim is to help you develop your puppy into a well adjusted, confident young dog.  The hope is that by tiring out your puppy, your furniture will also stay intact but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this!

Pet Transportation

Maybe you need your dog taken to the groomers or you need to take your pet to the vets, we can safely and securely transport you and your pets to any local destination.